Financial Aid

Lakewood Cooperative Preschool values and supports families. We are pleased to offer our families a comprehensive scholarship program. Our ability to offer scholarships is dependent upon the financial condition of our preschool. Scholarship awards cover one academic school year (September–June) and are available to qualifying families.

The criteria for scholarship levels are as follows:

  1. The availability of scholarship funds

  2. The number of scholarship applicants

  3. The family’s size and annual gross income:

Family Size - Annual Gross Income Not to Exceed

  • 1 Adult / 1 Child - $42,000

  • 2 Adults / 1 Child - $53,000

  • 2 Adults / 2 Children - $64,000

  • 2 Adults / 3+ Children - $75,000

Scholarship applications are kept strictly confidential and are reviewed solely by the Scholarship Committee.

If any families exceeding these levels feel that special circumstances affect their ability to pay full tuition they may describe their situation on this application. Eligible scholarship families with more than one child enrolled in Lakewood Cooperative Preschool may be awarded scholarships for each child (fill out one application for each child). Scholarships for the following school year are applied for during the preceding Spring enrollment period. Enrollment is determined first, independently of the scholarship requests. Recipients will be notified of awards before being asked to make a financial commitment to the preschool. Families who find themselves in need mid-year are encouraged to apply at that time.