A Long Rich History

The co-op preschool is an example of caring people, working cooperatively for the positive growth and development of young children and their parents.

Everyone works, learns, teaches, grows and changes! Co-op parents are supporters, learners, teachers, classroom assistants, policy makers and partners. The co-op environment allows parents to increase their understanding of the growth and development of children, both individually and in a group. The co-op is a place where we all grow according to the amount of time, energy and effort we put into this commitment.

Flexible, co-op parents, working toward the goal of an efficient, smooth running preschool are presented with opportunities to share ideas involving family life, parenting, family and home environment. We encourage all of our members to take advantage of their co-op experience and participate fully and enthusiastically both in the classroom and during parent meetings.

Lakewood Co-op Preschool is committed to providing an anti-bias environment for children, adults and families.